South African's future is in the hands of Tomorrow's Leaders

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Be ready...

TLC 2016 fast approaching!


Alex Granger, Professional Speaker and Author at the Old Mutual Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2016.

Be ready to enter the fast paced, high energy world of Alex Granger, motivational and opening speaker at Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2016.

Forget the slow clap, be ready to stand and act – as leaders should. No more wondering about the “could haves” or should haves” – as leaders our destiny lies within us.

He promises that his talk will not only be motivational but also “very interactive”. Furthermore, amidst the high energy, there will be valuable lessons to learn. His talk will be based around two aspects – the “credibility point of view and the incredibility point of view.”

He continues: “Credibility really talks about the hardcore leadership issues such as integrity, strategy etc, while incredibility speaks to the soft skills such as compassion, courage and vulnerability.”

Granger is the CEO of a consulting firm, The Possibility of You, which focuses on people development, possibilities, and purpose. He studied executive leadership at Gibbs, and through this and his “extensive corporate experience” he got into professional speaking and is also the author of two books -  “Find Keep Grow: The Radical Art of Sales”, and “The Possibility of YOU: What Shapes You?”

Granger says that he is self-motivated as he believes you should motivate yourself. However, he is inspired by people within his industry, people such as Tony Robins, Les Brown and Robin Sharma.

“I have learnt a lot from these people but I have never copied them as I am a strong believer in authenticity.”

Moving onto the topic of current leadership in South Africa, Granger takes a surprisingly positive approach, despite the many negative perceptions going around at the moment in both the public and private sectors.

According to Granger, the country has good and strong leaders, “it’s just a pity the media put so much emphasis on the negative things and ignore the good that is happening. We have a strong tertiary education system, good projects and programmes. “

He believes we have the correct structures in place with good young leaders coming through that are really driving the economy and who will make a positive impact in the next 5-10 years.

“I am in that space, the space of coaching and mentoring these individuals so I can see it at a ground level. What we need is for these individuals to also go into the public sector and make a positive impact – we will see corporate governance improve and also a drop in levels of corruption.”

Asked about what young leaders need to work on in order to improve their leadership and make a difference, Granger says, “Firstly, leaders must focus on people development; they must have a good relationship with the people they lead. Secondly, leaders must have a strong and compelling strategic vision – they must know where they want to take the business or government in the foreseeable future. It must be clear and definable so that those they lead understand completely the journey that is being taken”.

He continues: “And lastly, a leader must have strong corporate governance which speaks to accountability, risk management and risk mitigation.”



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