Tomorrow’s Leaders brings together business leaders,
innovation leaders and thought leaders from across South
Africa, from the public, private and informal sectors. This
incredible meeting of minds has always resulted in an
inspiring convention that plays a major role in lighting the
fire of inspiration and belief across South Africa.

Offering a unique mix of cutting edge information, remarkable stories from dynamic leaders, in addition to essential insight from leading industry professionals, the Convention has become an essential springboard for leaders of today and tomorrow to grow their leadership skills, knowledge and credibility to the next level.

South Africa is depending on this talent to drive the country forward, and the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention is proud to play a role in their growth and development of these key leaders.

Who in your organisation is best placed to face the challenges of convergent disruption? Nominate them as candidates for Tomorrow’s Leaders and send them to the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention to take their places among their peers. Your organisation will reap the benefits. Click here to register.

Not all Millenials work for established organisations: many have already made waves with their own disruptive projects. If you fall into this category, your place at the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention is assured. Nominate yourself as a candidate and take part in this festival of innovation, excellence and expertise.

This has been a difficult financial time for all organisations, but it is also a time when strong leadership is especially needed. It may be easy to bypass professional development opportunities to focus on day-to-day challenges, but we know that to remain competitive you have to be ahead of the game. The Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention gives you the edge to learn from the best and cultivate your own unique leadership style. At Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention, you will gain a new perspective on current leadership research and cutting-edge thought processes; re-examine your leadership “toolbox”; and think about your own approach to leadership and what you need to move to the next level.

After an intense day, the attendees assemble at a glamorous cocktail evening to relax to fine music and entertainment. It is a time for informal discussion of the day’s revelations and to strike up meaningful enduring relationships.

The entire plenary session of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2020, at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, will be broadcast live on the Internet. This initiative will ensure that the public and invited guests of The Partner can follow events as they unfold.
Not a minute will be missed, and not a word said will be left unheard. This exciting development will also ensure local and international coverage of this premier event on South Africa’s business calendar, which brings together the finest young leaders in South Africa today, feting them and recognising their outstanding achievements in their chosen fields. This unique event honours outstanding South Africans from a cross section of business, industry and other fields, and is recognised as THE leading gathering of young minds in South Africa today. The development is set to add further prestige to the Convention, broadening its audience and widening its appeal further than ever before. The Partner’s Logo bug will be visible on the live streaming broadcast throughout the day.
The Partner’s adverts will be screened at intervals on the Live Stream feed during the event.

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